Introducing FMX, Futures Trading Made Simple

Cryptocurrency magically arrived in this world and today it has become a global phenomenon known to most people. It transformed, it moved forward, it broke down, it shook the whole world and the people who got involved with it. Yet the new horizon it has opened is still unforeseen.

We FMX are on the way to discover that distant corner with the curiosity of a child but with all the enthusiasm and effort of someone who wants to light up a patch of sky on that road to widen the horizon or at least, build great products that bring positive values to the whole crypto community.

FMX has arrived…

FMX with all of its dedicated humans have built a whole brand-new product, being ready to join the crypto derivatives. Neither we are here to win glory for good moments nor we are here for personal gain from investments. In truth, we are here for our users’ own sake as we establish, we evolve and we act upon their needs. The more the crypto world develops, the more the demand for derivatives trading grows since it has offered multiple benefits and traders are increasingly more interested in experimenting with these instruments. However, crypto derivatives should be just plain and simple to open up the opportunities for everyone to participate and mattering much, for itself to drive a wave of mass adoption. Such an exhausting effort it is trying to get acquainted with current derivatives platforms on the market considering the so many deficiencies that they have accidentally created. This, as a result, has shaped an invisible barrier of entry for ordinary traders-the main participants in the crypto market. Not wanting to sit back and let those drawbacks hamper the community, we have gathered together to create a platform with the mission of pulling all of us out of the stagnation.

We want to make futures trading simple.

We want to build a wealthier and a stronger trading community where our users are always put at top priority.

FMX in the alliance with FTX

On the long road of expedition, we are lucky to have FTX as our trusted friend and ally. FTX has gone far and wide in such a short period of time to build its own success. To put it simply, FTX is a derivatives trading platform which offers a large number of innovative products to adapt to the increasing demand of the nowadays crypto market. Furthermore, the process of updating new products and catching new trends of FTX is so fast that it never ceases to amaze and satisfy the users. Remember that time when Serum, the Solana-based decentralized exchange developed by the team behind FTX, left all of us jaw-dropping by offering permissionless and frictionless trading experience? Through all the accomplishments, FTX has proven itself to be a notable pioneer in the crypto market. And the credit it has transmitted to the crypto world is just undeniable.

Leveraging the synergy with FTX through its technical support, FMX is bound to release another innovative product which is “built by communities for communities” inasmuch as the wholehearted team behind FMX comes from a strong trading background and has been managing communities of over 100,000 traders. Beyond being the “relayer” of FTX, FMX stands out by exploring and providing services to markets where FTX has not yet covered, while at the same time positioning our uniqueness in the simplification and gamification of futures trading experience for users. Conjointly, with FTX’s assistance, we put our spirits all in and cannot wait to replicate their triumph then add in FMX’s innovations so as to further refine and encompass the crypto landscape.

FMX’s spirit

Futures trading made simple” is the motto that FMX holds as it goes beyond all the limitations of current derivatives trading platforms to bring about the best trading experience for users. Intuitive and beginner-friendly UX/UI design for easy adoption and usage stands out as the most remarkable feature of FMX. On top of that, gamification is added on to ensure a more enjoyable trading experience and at the same time, foster users’ trading skills in their journey with us. Hang on, it would be a mistake not to mention the Affiliate Mining Volume program that provides incentives for traders at any levels and many other innovations. Here at FMX, we always put users first while maintaining full transparency in the operations for an advanced CRM. All users have to do is try our platform once and we promise that FMX will not disappoint you.

However, it is still a long way to go and the end is not yet to be envisioned. The crypto world, in its essence, is boundless and harsh that it is changing every day and evolving every second. This path we have trod, tremendous obstacles we may face, temporary hypes and bubble bursts we may undergo, we will never stop walking, never stop believing in the good values of quality products and of a strong community we have built that we are trying to bring our best to the world. Only thence, shall we know where the horizon is and destiny soon will lay it all down.

So stay tuned and let the journey wake to its dawn…

For further information, please read FMX’s Whitepaper.

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